Saturday, November 17, 2012

There's You...

We are all weak and in so much pain - it's impossible to leave behind.
There's so much beauty in the broken, but it's so fucking hard to find.

When you fall for someone,  it's for all the details.  Things you could never expect suddenly take precedent.  I don't believe in lovey dovey, I didn't believe in love at all.  I'm incapable, and it doesn't exist.  But evidently, it wasn't me who was incapable, it was the world that couldn't match it; it does exist because I feel it now.  I have you, who moved mountains in hours, not days.  You who made me fall in days, not months.  You who made everything melt.

And it's for the details that I can't stay away.  For in you, I find compassion and passion, empathy and expectation.  Your eyes, your smile, the way you lift me and protect me from the world.  Your hopes, your dreams, the stories you tell me every night.  Your openness, your honesty, your vigilance to not let history repeat itself.  Your kindness, your patience, the shelter you provide when no one else does.  Your confidence, your prudence, how hard you work to make tomorrow feasible.  Your maturity, your youth, the way your voice trembles when you're afraid to admit the truth.  Your eagerness, your disbelief, the way you tell me you love me.  I can't stop telling you, I could never stop.

I may not know where you came from, or how I got so lucky, but I know 30 years from now where you will be.  Living simply, loving purely, with a girl to fill in the gaps of past, present and future.

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