Thursday, July 29, 2010

Peace of Mind

Lets paint a pretty picture. One where every step is flooded with obstacles and the end is hidden under so many layers of clouds that it's suffocating. And if you even try to open your eyes or put one foot in front of the other, you are instantly blinded, struck down by a higher force.

Well today isn't that day.

Today I've been hired at a respectable place and I'm working. Today I made a little girl smile and ask me if I could keep a secret, that her headaches had gone away and she might actually be enjoying the hour she is forced to spend with me. Today I'm on chapter 3 - three steps ahead. Today I have a fantastic boyfriend and a best friend and a whole future all wrapped up in a little velvet box from a jewelry store about 4 miles and 12 months away. Today I'm grinning to my ears and have a pure heart full of promise and hope.

Daydreaming Again, Alice?

Q- So tell me, what do you do in your spare time?

A- Honestly? I dream a lot. And I know that's probably not the picture perfect answer you want to hear - that I save babies from burning buildings and fight crime on the weekends, no big deal - but it's the truth. During the day and during the night, that's my secret hobby. I dream of the day when someone, some place, takes a gamble and gives me a chance. I dream of the next four years, of the hard work and sleepless nights. And I'm not just dreaming of the outcome, when I can look back and say "back in my day" to my own kids, I'm dreaming of an opportunity, one that I know I've earned.