Friday, March 21, 2014

Tears Do Not Burn Except in Solitude

It's so important to me that you understand. That you see me even when I'm not there. And so I'll talk and talk until my spirit is lull and there is no sense. You ya you, you understand, right? Right.  But comfort isn't enough. Not for me, not anymore.  I want sincerity.  I want truth.  I want it all. I am so full of wounds that when I stand, it's not my legs that give me grief.  The truth is that I would rather say less and for it to mean more.

But I can't demur when you've had the same.  Together we are a dictionary of heartache and today I only receive what I give.  Squint my eyes and think back. Think.

Twice I've been reborn.  Once, on the day I realized I didn't need to be a fucking doctor or lawyer or astronaut to save the world. And again when I found you.