Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Girl Who Has Everything

Dear God,

I used to believe that no matter how lost I got, how frustrated I became, I could always find my way back.  Somehow I could detour my way through, retrace my steps.  I could ask for help and someone would hear my voice.  Mortal or immortal.  Maybe you, maybe an angel, maybe lady luck.  But today I am more and more lost.  I'm looking for traces, for crumbs, but there are none.  It's as though I'm in another world.  The wind around me has changed and when I look into a mirror, I see a stranger.  Did I read your lips incorrectly?  Was this not the path for me?  When it's dark and cold and no one there to bare witness, I hide my face in your arms and cry.  I've lost hope.  I won't find my way again.  I'm too far gone.  I will never be what I've always dreamed.


  1. BELIEVE!!
    Never lose hope.
    Hope brings possiblity, and possiblities are what we need.
    There is no such thing as "too far gone."

  2. keep hope always and don't think too much about things. Everything will end up working

  3. I enjoy reading your postings! Your the first blog I have found that I can really relate to, & love to read! woot woot :D, but don't forget to "keep your chin up baby", your a strong woman, nothing will bring you down!

  4. Love this post. Are you reading my mind?
    Bit deflated here too but trying to follow your advice and keep the chin up.

    Keep the faith, whether it be in God, karma, fate, destiny or whatever. Believe there's something better out there for you.